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In the age of AI, Venvee is empowering retailers to understand in-store customer experiences.

Enter the digital transformation era with

In-store intent data

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Venvee Quill
Turn your current cameras into a global view of customer behavior.

Every customer.

From entry through exit.

The most advanced artificial intelligence, your in-store cameras, and unprecedented collection techniques.


Plug one small box of magic into existing camera infrastructure, and receive continuous customer behavior analytics.

Even sparse, non-overlapping camera views collect every bit of data.


Look at individual customer journeys, store-wide metrics, and company-wide metrics. Any scale you prefer, or all at the same time.

Empower your team from top to bottom with micro and macro insights.


Video processing is done in-store, so no network transfers of sensitive data occur. Ever.

Combining SOC 2 and ISO 27001 standards ensures you and your customer's data is secure.

Turn your shopper behavior into invaluable and actionable data.

Easily filterable, all in one place.

How Venvee Collects Data

1. We install one on-site device, hardwired to your existing cameras.

No network transfers of sensitive data, no additional hardware on the sales floor.

2. Real-time video is distilled via AI by frame into text-only data, which is encrypted immediately following image deletion.

3. We scrub identifying data and extract behavior from each customer's journey, tailored per-store from entry to exit.

4. The raw and aggregated data can be accessed with your personalized dashboard, providing near real-time analysis anywhere.

Retail Media Networks

Retail Media Networks (or RMNs) have taken the industry by storm. RMNs have marked the start of an omnichannel bridge that unifies physical and digital commerce like never before, by mobilizing first-party data collected via e-commerce sales and point-of-sale outcomes.

The largest retailers in the space (many Fortune 50 companies!) have moved into this market, and as more attention is driven to this new high-margin revenue stream, ad spend and competition have increased remarkably.

Previously, RMNs only captured their digital market base. Billions of interactions happen in physical stores daily, all of them missed opportunities to target in the market customers. Sure, physical point-of-sale data exists, but it doesn't paint a granular-enough picture.

With Venvee, we can paint the details on that picture for you, and ensure your brand is relevant and differentiable to retail media networks by adding a new dimension to your first party data: in-store intent data.

Like its digital equivalents of user clicks & hovers and visited pages from e-commerce, Venvee brings physical intent data to the forefront, allowing shoppers' interests and interactions in physical settings to be leveraged for precise and timely advertising.

Learn how we can help set your retail media network apart today!

Store Operations

There are no good customer experiences without the operations behind them. By digitally recreating a real-time view of a store's floorplan and extracting anonymized data about customers' journeys, Venvee lays the foundation for quantitative in-store analysis.

Armed with this data, stores can gain insights into traffic counts, dwell/queue times, behavioral tendencies, fixture/zone/product analysis, and more. We sought to empower retailers to make data-driven decisions — and we deliver exactly that.

With near real-time feedback, our analytics can be used by local operators and corporate analysts & executives alike for anything from single-store enhancements to global initiative tracking & performance analysis.

Collect the metrics you need for data-driven decision making with Venvee.

First-Party Data

Physical retail locations are a costly operation, with staffing, real-estate, stocking, and more. It is critical that every ounce of value is captured from these locations, or else you're losing out on lots of revenue.

There are billions of actions, reactions, and interactions daily with your products, by in-market customers in stores nationwide. As a retailer, you know that your stores have always been an opportune place to gather greater and deeper intel on how to capture them.

And with novel AI, we can finally enable that delightful data source for every customer-product interaction. We provide so that you can mobilize it through RMNs, operations, marketing, and more.

You pay for the store the data is already there. It's time to capitalize.

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